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Info from the Home Design Worksheet will give us what we need to start the plan process. We will take your ideas from the Worksheet and incorporate them to work specifically with your property, and the construction techniques of the Angel Fire area (climate, views, access, southern exposure). When the plans are complete, we will furnish you a detail cost estimate for your project. After approval, we are ready to start construction.

Home Design Worksheet

City utilities?
Do utilities run to your house?
Will your site need improvements?
How many stories?
Exterior Style?
Exterior Finish?
Covered entry?
Any unheated areas?
Walk in closet in the master bedroom?
What other space would you like to connected to the master bedroom?
Is a large pantry important?
Would you like to have utility room adjoining?
Would you like a breakfast bar?
Would you like a wet bar?
Choose an eating arrangement?
Would you like any areas in your home to be quiet spaces?
Would you like to insulate any areas from noise in your home?
Do you want high ceilings?
Do you want extra storage spaces?
Please check extra rooms you would like?

Thanks for submitting!

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